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Our Mission

Save Lives & Spread Love ❤️

Virus Killer Disinfectant Spray Mission Picture

You Buy 1 We Give 1

For Every Virus Killer Disinfect Spray Sold, We Will Donate One To Families In Developing Nations

Many families in developing nations suffer from diseases and viruses.  They do not have the financial resources to protect themselves using products that can help prevent infection from germs including viruses and bacteria.  They also lack the physical space required to socially distance themselves which makes them especially vulnerable to being infected with COVID-19.  Large families that live in small cramped dwellings are the norm in developing countries. The poor and underdeveloped healthcare system adds to the risk and isn't sufficient to help the large numbers of people who are infected with diseases. 

Virus Killer Co will donate the equivalent of one Virus Killer disinfect spray product for each one sold.  Join us in our mission to help developing nations and prevent the spread of diseases and viruses.